5 Mins with Juliette Hogan

Thursday 7 December 2017

Juliette Hogan designs what the modern woman wants. Her clothing is not overcomplicated or overstyled. It conveys a contemporary simplicity with a focus on cut, cloth, craftsmanship, and tailoring. Juliette Hogan masters a feminine aesthetic that is grounded in the masculine.

Your day starts with? A run, nice and early before my little girl wakes, then breakfast with her – homemade muesli and fresh fruit, before I head out the door for work.


On your desk? It’s a mess – I’m sitting here looking at it as a type. There are two pairs of our new eyewear collection, pins, keys, my phone, my wallet, pens, lots of scraps of paper with sketches of new design ideas, hand cream, a jar of almonds, a pantone colour reference folder, my water bottle. I could go on … I’m embarrassed of the state of it really.


Go to websites? I’m always looking for beautiful places to stay for our next adventure.


Lunchtime, coffee or tea? I don’t drink hot drinks – and I never really have. I’m a fan of just cooled, still water.


Favourite piece in your wardrobe? I couldn’t pick just one piece – there are too many. I generally swap out my clothes each season and refresh my wardrobe with new season pieces. I’m loving the Tess dress this season and anything in our Silk Bloom Print and the Always Slip – it’s called that for a reason – you always want to be wearing it. The one piece that remains constantly throughout the seasons though is my black leather pencil dress, it’s my go-to and pretty much appropriate for all occasions when paired with the right shoe.


Your greatest strength? My efficiency.


Favourite quote? “Be who you are and say what you feel. Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”


Success is? Whatever you have defined it to be. Every person has different ideas about what they hope to achieve and for me success is loving and being loved, being a respected employer and providing a workplace where people can learn and be part of a bigger journey, being in a position to be able to give back and help those who need help.


Summer Holiday Plans? We just booked a camp site up north for a week. I have an absolute love of camping and grew up sending every summer down on the Coromandel camping at Opito Bay until I was about 14. We haven’t yet been with Myra, she’ll be 18 months when we go so fingers crossed it’s a success! Dion and I are then heading over to Tasmania for a week towards the end of January to stay at the most amazing place in the middle of a dam in the middle of nowhere.


Day ends with? I finish up at 4 pm so I can head home and spend some time with Myra. If the sun is shining we head out for a wander and pick flowers. She sees such delight in the small things and it warms my heart. I dance with her in my arms every night before bed. Music is a big part of our lives and she is so drawn to it too. Once she is down we get to relax and unwind from our busy days over a home cooked meal and a glass of wine.


- Juliette Hogan

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