Thursday 12 January 2017

Tell us how you started Anine Bing, the fashion label? What is the concept and aesthetic behind your brand? I started the brand in June 2012. I wanted to create a modern brand that stepped away from traditional seasons, launching new collections every month. I have always been very true to my own style and I love an effortless look with a “less is more” approach. Naturally the lines share that same motto and the aesthetic is simple but where there is a lot of attention to details. The design, brand identity and essence of ANINE BING is rooted in a philosophy where opposites attract, and where a romantic expression meets an urban lifestyle.


You are Mother of two, Blogger and Fashion Designer. How do you juggle all these roles and which is your favorite? I believe that all the different roles nurture each other. If I didn’t have my job and creative outlet I honestly don’t believe I would be the mother I am when I’m with my kids. These days my main focus is no doubt motherhood, designer and  business owner. It takes up all my time and I have learned to be more focused on the tasks at hand. Meaning that when I’m at work I have a checklist of things I need to take care of that day and when I pick my kids up from school I set work aside until they’re asleep.

Living in LA and running your global empire from LA looks like the ultimate dream to many. Have you always been an LA girl and what are your favorite things about living and working in the City? Yes, I have loved L.A since the day I first came to visit. I’ve lived here for 12 years now and the city makes me happy every day. I love the sunshine of course but I believe that the “good for you” attitude is what really makes me happy here. No dream is too big and there is room for everyone!


With a busy day-to-day life and tight deadlines it can be hard to find time for the creative process. Where do you find your inspiration and how do you ensure you have the time and space to design? I love to travel and it always inspire me. I also love visiting flea markets and I try to go once a month. Old movies, magazines and music is also a great source of inspiration for me. 


Anine Bing has grown incredibly fast in the 5 years since its been established. Are there any key milestones that you think have helped you reach this point? I had a strong vision right from the start and there is a lot of hard work behind our success. But getting the attention from influencer’s and tastemakers in the industry has of course helped.
Our flagship stores around the world is also a great way to spread awareness and invite customers into the world of ANINE BING.



You work with your husband on a daily basis. How do you balance your work and personal life? We try to separate it as much as possible by not discussing work when we’re at home. But that’s of course hard but we’ve become better over the years.


What does an average day of work look like for you? Do you have daily routines? We wake up around 6 am, have breakfast and get ready for school and kindergarten. I drop off the kids and go straight to the office where I meet up with my team. I focus a lot of my time on design but also in other departments like PR and Marketing, Production and Operations. After a busy day at work I pick up the kids or meet them at home. We play in the garden, do homework and have dinner, either at home or at a local restaurant in our neighborhood. After I’ve put the kids to bed I try to clean out my inbox as much as possible but then I try to go to bed early. A lot of sleep is key these days!


Is there anything important you wish you had known earlier about business or life that you would like to share with people starting out? You have to take ownership and work hard for things. But make sure you do something that you’re passionate about. I think that is so important in order to succeed.


What are your 5 essential items in your wardrobe for this summer (its our summer in New Zealand)? A great bikini, an off shoulder dress, a great pair of heels, a weekend bag for fun get aways and a leather jacket for cooler nights and days.


Being in a band yourself who are your music heroes and what are you listening to at the moment? I always been a big fan of the Cranberries and they’re still one of my favorite bands.


Who would you invite to your dream dinner party? My best friends and sister back home in Scandinavia since I never get to see them these days…

Favorite Indulgences? Swedish candy.


Being such an incredible style icon, what is one piece of fashion advice you can give our readers? Stay true to who you are and don’t complicate things. Keep it simple but invest in key pieces that will age well like a leather jacket and a great bag. I also love to accessorize with jewelry. It adds personality to an outfit and will make it all come together.


Can you tell us any must visit spots in LA? Cafes, restaurants, sites, shops? Anything that the average tourist wouldn’t know?

I love Chateau Marmont for the people watching, Restaurant Pace for the ambiance and food. I love Malibu in the fall when it’s still warm but less crowded. And you have to visit Rose Bowl - it’s my favorite flea market and you can make some amazing finds there. Also, don’t forget to stop by the ANINE BING flagship store on 8128 W. 3rd street in West Hollywood.


What’s next for the Anine Bing Brand? We are in a very exciting phase right now where the company is growing and the business expanding. I’m so excited about what’s around the corner. Right now we’re working on the fall collection 2017 and I’m super excited about what’s coming.


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