Detox Diary: Nomad Juice Cleanse

Thursday 6 October 2016

The word “detox” is a slightly frightening thing for me. It automatically recalls memories of being food deprived, pale, drooling over the slightest smell of food, and head aching. But with spring around the corner, and a desperate need to break some bad eating habits I decided to give the Nomad Cleanse a go. After trolling their beautiful instagram and hearing some amazing reviews from friends, it sounded like the program was more of a gentle and nourishing cleansing process, rather than the traumatic detoxing I had previously experienced.

Jamie - nutritionist and naturopath, and local gal to Mount Maunganui, designs the Nomad Cleanse. It consists of replacing your normal daily meals with 6 nourishing and cleansing beverages for a period of 1-3 days. Being the extremist I am of course I opted for the 3 day Green Cleanse, which is designed for the more seasoned cleanser – your kings and queens of kale. Each drink is a blend of specifically chosen fruit, vegetables, probiotics and super foods. 

Below is a daily review on my cleaning experience, what to expect and how I felt afterwards.

 THE DAY BEFOREThe juices arrived!!! The packaging is beautiful – definitely worthy of an instagram post. In the package you get the juices, a lemon, Epsom salts, straws, a cool little cooler bag to keep your juices in, and a list of all the juices and when to have each one. I had to hold back the urge to have a little taste test of them all.

The night before is a special time. Jamie sends out a beautiful guide on how to prepare for the days ahead. You set your intentions for the cleanse, choose an affirmation from Louise Hay, have your last meal and early nights sleep. For my last meal I had a chicken salad and some yoghurt and honey around 10.30pm. I felt a little bit fearful that I wouldn’t be waking up to my coffee and eggs but also excited to start the cleanse!



DAY 1: Started with lemon and water and then No.1 made of Kale, grapefruit, cucumber, parsley coriander and dandelion. I figured that if I had juices at 2 and a half hour intervals that should keep me going. The day went well, I pumped in around 3 liters of water plus the juices plus a few licorice teas. I started to get a wee bit sleepy around 3pm, (my body probably protesting at the lack of caffeine intake) and I had a mild headache. That afternoon I was still able to head to the gym and do a 30min high intensity W.O. I was pretty knackered in the evening and slept for a good 10 hours that night.


DAY 2: Yaeee! I had made it through one day!! Nearly half way! I was feeling good, a lot more energized than the day before, and slightly lighter. After trying all the juices on day 1, I had my clear fav times of the day to look forward to. No.2 Fine Fettle made of pear, spinach, avocado, lemon, nettle, aloe vera and fresh lemon grass, is particularly tasty!! The girls at work where also on the cleanse, which made it fun to all be on the same bandwagon and easier to stay on track. The headaches didn’t come today, and I still had energy to run the mount and go to the movies that evening. I finished the night with a relaxing Epsom salts bath.


DAY 3: The finish line is near!! I woke up early (4.00pm) feeling full of life and energy! I felt like I could keep on cleansing for a good few days at lest. The juices still make you feel like your getting everything you need, and I never felt depleted or even hungry really. I am sad it’s the last day, but also I have been thinking about my daily Flat White with almond milk ritual and chewing on something would be rather nice. Some of the girls at work had only done one day so the smell of their lunch was particularly delightful today. By the afternoon I have planned out everything I want to eat the next day – but its all healthy things I am craving!!


DAY 4: (food day) I wake up feeling refreshed and full of energy and vitality. I feel like the cleanse really nourished my body rather than depriving it of things. It has made me more conscious of what I am eating and I’m craving things that fuel me rather than sugar and caffeine. It was the restart to my health that I desperately needed. Even though eating today has been AMAZING I find myself throughout the day missing my favorites juices… bring on the next cleanse, I absolutely loved it!!

Rhianna McCormick-Burns






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