Introducing Dhahab Jewellery

Wednesday 7 September 2022

Dhahab Jewellery is the latest jewellery brand to Sistsers&Co. We caught up with Founder and Creative Director Fatima about where her inspiration came from and how it all started. We know you'll love Dhahab Jewellery as much as we do!

Dhahab Jewellery is the latest jewellery brand to Sistsers&Co. We caught up with Founder and Creative Director Fatima about where her inspiration came from and how it all started. We know you'll love Dhahab Jewellery as much as we do!

Tell us about yourself and Dhahab - what led to the brands inception and why jewellery?

My name is Fatima and I’m 26 years old. I was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, and relocated to Sydney two years ago for my dream job and to live my best life by the beach. I work at a fashion agency called Launch Fashion Management, managing the wholesale sales for brands such as P.E Nation and Rebecca Vallance across New South Wales and New Zealand. I’ve always worked in, and loved everything fashion related, and knew that one day I wanted to pour my creativity into something that was my own.  Fast forward from a few business ideas that never came to fruition, Dhahab was launched in January 2022 following a conversation with a very special person over pancakes at our favourite local café.
My grandmother played a significant role as well. Coming from a tight knit family, we had a tradition of Monday night dinners at my grandmother’s place, or as we say in Arabic ‘Tayta’s House – ‘Tayta’ meaning grandmother. She’s always dressed in layers of gold jewellery and has worn the same jewellery for over 15 years. All of her pieces have been gifted down the family line, and it was that timeless element that I wanted to emulate through each of the pieces I individually design for Dhahab.

Your collection is beautiful and very considered - what is your intention with the pieces and how do you want the wearer to feel when they own a piece of Dhahab?

Inspired. Confident. Bold.
Jewellery often holds sentimental value. Whether it has been gifted from a loved one or makes you feel a certain way. Dhahab has been created for every woman, with the aim to make them feel inspired, confident and bold

Dhahab has a strong focus on sustainability - why is this important to you and how and why does it inform your business?

Due the impacts the fashion industry places on our environment and its people, it’s integral that sustainability is factored into each business. I feel a responsibility to ensure I make the best decisions across supply chain.  My selection of materials and operations are thoughtfully considered.
Responsible business is good business and its key that Dhahab operates on these grounds.

Which are your favourite pieces from the collection?

Whilst I love them all, the Raja Ring will always hold a special place in my heart. This specific piece was recreated based off a design my grandmother has worn daily for over 15 years. The unique design and story behind it makes it very sentimental to me.

The creation of each piece must be an important part of the Dhahab process, can you tell us about production?

I individually design each piece and they are then brought to life by our incredible manufacturers through CAD’s (computer-aided designs). Each piece requires a custom wax mould which is then transformed into metal. Once this process has been completed, our manufacturers refine each piece over a 4–6 week period. I then receive the first round of samples which allows me to field test and wear the product to determine if any further tweaks need to be made prior to hitting go on bulk production.

Where do you look for inspiration?

I travelled to Turkey and Morocco pre-Covid and I’ve never forgotten the rush of inspiration I felt whilst wandering through the gold markets for hours of the day. I also come from a big Middle Eastern family, with all of the women having their own unique style. Surrounding myself with them provides me with endless inspiration to incorporate into Dhahab.

Lastly, tell us about your current book / show / music / drink / restaurant of choice.

Current book: The Mindful High Performer written by the incredible Chelsea Pottenger. The perfect guide on all thing’s mental health, wellbeing and mindfulness. Show: Sex and the City will always be an all-time favourite, and one that I continue to watch on repeat. It teaches you all you need to know about love, friendship and life.Music: Frank Ocean, all day every day.
Drink: Aperol Spritz, as it always takes me back to being in Italy.
Restaurant: Society in Bondi Beach. The best woodfired pizza in Sydney!


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